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Home Interior Lighting and Home Exterior Lighting For Safety and Security
Article from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) reminds seniors that as they get older, they need to add and/or increase both exterior lighting and home interior lighting. Article provides practical tips like moving chairs by windows for sunlight reading, doing maintenance on lighting to maintain illumination, and placement of both switches and lights for increased safety and security.

How To Choose The Lighting Fixtures For Your Home Ė A Room-By-Room Guide
If you are building a new home or renovating your existing one, it is crucial to include lighting in your plans. Whatís light got to do with it? Everything! Donít make the mistake of leaving lighting plans toward the end when everything is already in place. If you want an attractive, comfortable, and efficient home, you must include lighting plans from the beginning. Donít know where to start? This guide gives tips on the kind of lighting you can use for each room in the house. Suggestions include using multiple pendant lights for large entryways, a big chandelier for the living room, sconces to highlight artwork in the living room, accent and task lighting for the bedroom, and a lot more.

Light Therapy: Is It Right For You?
Light therapy or phototherapy is a kind of treatment that makes use of light boxes that emit light that is similar to sunlight. This kind of treatment is said to work best for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression that occurs mostly during winter. The light boxes are said to boost the mood, much like natural sunlight does. Phototherapy is also said to treat conditions like ADHD, dementia, and Parkinsonís disease, among others. Another type of phototherapy makes use of ultraviolet wavelengths to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis. While it is said to be safe, light therapy can have adverse effects on people whose skin is sensitive to light.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lightbulbs But Were Afraid to Ask
Scientist Don Klipstein's lighting information site is jam-packed with information on every kind of light there is. He covers everything from the brightest and most efficient LEDs (what's out there may surprise you) along with links to LED manufacturers. He has a link to The Great Internet Lightbulb Book Part 1 with a Q&A page covering virtually every aspect of incandescent and halogen lamps as well as information on mercury, sodium and metal halide lamps. This site covers fluorescent lights including power sources (known as ballast), dimmers for fluorescents, how compact fluorescents work, he covers blacklights, sunlamps, UV lights and even arc lights! This site is the definitive site on lights of all descriptions. Many of the articles are technical.

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
Lighting website geared towards the general public, lighting sales associates, lighting showrooms and lighting show room buyers. Features index of different types of lighting fixtures including Tiffany lighting, wall sconces, pendant fixtures, puck lights, crystal and brass chandeliers, track lighting, halogen lighting, and Murano glass lighting fixtures. Section on desk lamps, Torchiere lamps, halogen lamps and juvenile lamps included, along with more information about ceiling fans, ceiling medallions, and ceiling fan installation tips. Links to information about incandescent bulbs, and halogen lighting are included. Access, task, decorative and ambient lighting are also linked.

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