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USA Triathlon Competitive Rules
When participating in a triathlon, it's important to know the rules of the competition. This page on the USA Triathlon (USAT) website is a detailed explanation of the rules that govern the administration of all races and events sanctioned by USA Triathlon. USAT is the sanctioning body for more than 3,500 events from grassroots to high-profile races nationwide. These rules cover all areas from membership to conduct for swimming, cycling, running and transition. It also includes special sections on protests, hearings and appears, as well as rules modifications for physically challenged athletes.

Triathlon Training to Build Endurance and Energy
If your entering a triathlon, training is a vital component to your success. This website gives triathletes triathlon training plans and running training plans. Also included is an online training system, triathlon apparel and a triathlon newsletter. A news section, as well as triathlon basics and a training center is also offered. The main goal of this website is to give endurance athletes multi-sport information and affordable, reliable performance-enhancing training solutions.

Heart Rate Monitors and other Triathlon Must-Haves
Training is important before entering a triathlon. This website offers first-hand articles about energy, heart rate monitors, beating jet lag, hydration, swimming, and aerodynamic bike frame design. The triathlete shares personal triathlon training tips, including how to slow down, swim with pull-buoys, make sure you're rested, finding the perfect nutrition bars and choosing good triathlon training books.

Triathlon Race Training Plans
Getting your body for the run, swim and biking of any triathlon is vital, and this site includes training plans for beginning sprint, beginning Olympic distance, intermediate Olympic distance, beginning half-ironman distance, intermediate half-ironman distance and other basic triathlon base training. There are an array of cycling plans as well, and running training plans, too. Supporting documents on the site include after-race recovery, swimming instruction, training intensity, strength training and more. Gale Bernhardt offers practical, time-tested advice that is easy to follow.

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