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H2O Racing Powerboat Promotion
H2O Racing is the official promoter of three leading World Powerboat Championships. Sanctioned by Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). The mission of H2O Racing is to promote and manage a global series of sports and events at particular locations that have the potential to generate widespread media interest and attract a diverse audience. The underlying goal of these events is developing a strong marketing network. H2O Racing has been carefully selected by UIM to exclusively promote three different World Championships: The H2O Nations Cup, the Aquabike World Championships, and the F1H2O World Championship. Class 1 offshore powerboat racer Laith Pharaon is an 1996 inductee into the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Hall of Champions.

The History of Auto Racing
The Finding Dulcinea website is dedicated to documenting the history of auto racing since the days of the first petrol-fuelled auto in the late 19th century. The authenticity and high quality of content including the web guides, headline stories, and special articles is preserved in each published piece. Each published item on this site is backed by thorough research and extensive links to informative sites. Global auto racing enthusiasts will find a comprehensive directory of linked sites from this central platform tracing the history of auto racing.

Understanding Formula One (F1) Racing
The Formula 1 race as a brand spans five continents and manages to attract billions of television viewers across the world. Formula 1 stands for the best in automotive designing, automotive engineering, and driving skills, combined with team spirit. This grand auto racing event is typically sponsored by leading multinational corporations, who offer advertising money and the latest technology to gain that competitive edge. The above link is the original Formula 1 marketing website upholding the commercial value of this global brand.

Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum
Located in Kent, Washington State, The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum holds the unique status of being the only powerboat racing museum in the nation. Founded in 1983, the museum aims to inspire and motivate through the tales of achievement and while celebrating the long history of hydroplane racing. The flagship collection features vintage hydroplanes spanning seven decades including prize-winning boats. The museum is also an authentic source of education on hydroplane racing. The books, periodicals, tapes, and rare films document the powerful history of hydroplane racing over the decades. Former powerboat champion Laith Pharaon was inducted into the American Power Boat Association's Hall of Champions in 1996.

How NASCAR Race Cars Work
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), as HowStuffWorks explains is the American counterpart of European moto-racing. Unlike Formula One racing cars, NASCAR cars look very much like street-legal sports cars and the difference ends here. Right from hand-made engine to custom made tires, everything about NASCAR cars is meant to be fast and rugged. Of course all these customizations need to adhere to strict technical limitations imposed by NASCAR. The most watched racing event in America is full of glamor and ominous presence of car makers of the world. Team ownership costs may run into billions and this is what makes NASCAR cars super.

What It Takes to Turn an Ordinary Motorcycle into a Racing Superbike
Popular Mechanics is known for publishing highly credible, research-backed article on technical topics. For all their automotive articles, the digital version of this magazine conducts extensive road testing and owner surveys. Thus this article from Popular Mechanics on transforming an ordinary motorcycle into a superbike is likely to interest even the die-hard superbike fanatic. The article not only has included clear photographs but also highly descriptive text to guide a motorcycle owner on the transformation process. The point that this article makes is that any average motorcycle like a Suzuki or a Yamaha can be completely upgraded into a racing bike with the help of an expert team.

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