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Must-Know Hotel Industry Indicators for Investors
Market Realist is your one stop solution if you are an investor and want to obtain a fair idea about the U.S. hotel industry. The overview gives us an idea about the yearly turnover of the hotel industry and a number of properties that are treasured under this sector. Further, we come to know about the approximate percentage of leisure vacationers that make up the hotel industry. The various indicators included here give investors an idea to evaluate the standard trends. Based on these trends, they can determine the success rate of a specific hotel. The article also educates about the practices through which an investor can attain exposure to hotel stocks.

Why Invest in Miami Real Estate?
This Manhattan Miami article makes a strong case for investing in Miami real estate. Miami has several advantages – it is very popular tourist destination, it also a thriving business hub, the beach has undergone an overhaul, and downtown Miami has evolved into a 24/7 global township. Thus Miami stands out from the rest as a hot investment destination. Miami's rich and famous clientele also manage to attract a lot of global celebrities interested in buying their third or fourth property here. Miami's bubbling nightlife and cultural activities make this city a family-friendly location for people of all ages.

Invest in Barcelona Real Estate
In this article Invest in Barcelona tells us how important it is to understand the real estate market before we initiate an investment in Barcelona. You come to know about various real estate services that will further help you study the options. The various districts in Barcelona are clearly mentioned, thereby allowing you to choose the best location that can fetch maximum returns for you. So, whether you want to invest in a commercial or residential property, you know where to go. And then, there is ample information for vacationers too. For instance, if you are a first time vacationer and do not know where to plan your stay, then this article provides top 3 hotel guides for your assistance.

How to Get Started in Commercial Real Estate
This page introduces a book titled DealMaker's Guide to Commercial Real Estate, which has been written to demystify the commercial real estate investment market and its author. The book is targeted to those investors who want to make it big in commercial property but know how. Ray Alcorn, the author of this book, is also the CEO of Park Commercial Real Estate Inc., a real estate acquisition and development firm in Virginia. The author has a career spanning three decades in acquisition, sale, development, financing, and leasing of commercial properties. Any beginner investor in the commercial real-estate market can gain from this book.

stme How Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate Investing
This Forbes blog post describes the merits of crowdfunding in real estate. Ever since the initial barriers of crowdfunding were removed, this method of investing has made rapid strides in the real estate market and has become immensely popular. After the real estate laws were amended, small businesses or start-ups have been able to raise funds and advertise their offerings publicly for the first time in 80 years. In crowdfunding, all an investor needs is a laptop to directly access deals without any special connections with the who’s who in real estate. Crowdfunding enables common investors to begin real estate investing with a paltry sum of $1000.

Investors Bet on Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels
This Lodging Magazine article discusses boutique and lifestyle hotels, which typically embody the upscale luxury living of the Rich and Famous. This industry is worth $11.5 billion and still growing. Between 2009 and 2014, the lifestyle hotels with 300 rooms and under, many of which are in Miami, grew at an annual rate of almost 20 percent, which is far above the overall U.S. growth rate of hotels at 4.2 percent. The demand for supplies for boutique and lifestyle hotels has also grown significantly it this six year period. In Miami, lifestyle hotels prosper as many celebrity tourists choose Miami as their annual vacation spot.

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