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Waverly Interior Designs
If you need any form of interior design inspiration, this is the site you want to visit. The photos are breathtaking and inspiring. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Waverly Wall Covering and Wall Paper. Get ideas and inspiration for everything from floor cushions to kids' rooms to shower curtains to wallpaper and a whole lot more. View the Waverly Gallery of gorgeous Great Rooms, which is certain to fill you with awe-inspired ideas. There is a wonderful section filled with Frequently Asked Questions that will probably answer a lot of questions you've always wanted to ask but didn't know who to ask them of. This is an extremely stylish site, filled with style, grace, and charm. If that describes your taste in home decorating then I can't think of a better place for you to be.

Free Interior Design Ideas Available Here
If you know you want to change the interior of your home but aren't sure where to start, check out the decorating articles and information posted here. With a few clicks on the mouse, visitors can learn about how to choose colors and furnishing for any area of their home. Information about the history of furniture, see makeovers and get detailed information about how to make the most of the space they have available. Sign up for the free interior decorating e-mail course and get free downloads to make the decorating process easier.

Check Out Indoor, Outdoor Fireplace Designs
If you want to learn about how an indoor, outdoor fireplace can beautify a space, check out This site includes a number of informative articles on various topics, including stone and masonry fireplace design, patio fireplace design, fire pit designs and outdoor fireplace design. By choosing to place one outside, you can bring the element of a warm hearth into your backyard or patio area. Other article titles available here include corner fireplace ideas, electric hearth fireplace designs and quick fireplace design makeovers.

3 Basic Principles of Interior Design
This is a collaboration post by Shari Hiller and Matt Fox at According to them, the first principle of interior design is function. Here, Hiller and Fox gave some tips on proper lighting; choosing the right furniture and arrangement; and creating a focal point such as fireplace and a window with a nice view. The second principle is the mood, where factors to be considered include colors, theme, and pattern. The third and last one is personality, in which one of the strategies mentioned is to allow flexibility in choosing accessories that would match the theme.

American Society of Interior Designers
Search for an interior designer using this website. Includes tips on how to hire an interior decorator, state registration requirements, professional credentials and conduct of interior designers and more. American Society of Interior Designers design consultants are trained to deal with more than the furnishings and finishes that go into making a space look wonderful. They use analytical problem-solving skills that focus on your needs and aspirations. Designers listen, understand and ultimately create a space that exceeds your expectations.

Redesigning Your Home
Is your home ready for a redesign? You're not sure? You're not sure what a redesign is? Then click on Questions and prepare to be educated. Redesign is creatively designing spaces using primarily what you already have, or blending the old with the new, or putting a new room together to accentuate the warmth, beauty, and function of the space. If you want to make your old room feel like new without buying all new furniture then this site is what you are looking for. Learn how redesigning saves money over redecorating, and how the creative placement and clever use of art, accessories and lighting can give a dull and drab room a whole new lease on life. Learn how redesigning allows you to keep the style you like while enhancing it and making it come to life all over again. If redesign sounds like the kind of home make-over you have in mind, then this site should be your first stop.

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