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Children and Exercise: The Key to Fitness
Although kids are encouraged to be active for better health, and to avoid childhood obesity, there are some sports that children with certain medical conditions should avoid. The conditions include children with Down syndrome, bleeding disorders, hypertension, congenital heart disease, enlarged spleen, and diabetes. This site includes another article about children and sports, and what exercises children can do to stay healthy.

Get Answers to Your Chiropractor Questions Here
This UK web site offers an extensive collection of articles about chiropractic care and how it can help to relieve back pain. Visitors to the site can use the search function to zero in on specific information. Some of the topics covered here include how to choose footwear which will not exacerbate back pain, the difference between osteopathy and chiropractic care, and back pain in children. The site's blog provides news, along with various tips and tricks to treat back pain.

Healthy Food for Kids
A healthy diet is beneficial for growing children. Proper nutrition sharpens the mind, gives stable energy and prevents health issues. There is no mistaking how busy the parents of today are, which is why many children have diets consisting mainly of takeout and convenience food. Contrary to what many parents believe, giving children a healthy diet is not all that difficult. This article offers parents tips on how to instill healthy eating habits in children. The suggestions are divided into 8 headings, which are then explained in detail. Suggestions include encouraging healthy eating habits, being smart about fat, limiting simple and refined sugar intake, and opting for healthier alternatives to junk food.

The Power of Healthy Eating
Empower your kids to eat right by educating them as to why they have to eat right, and giving them the tools to do so. This website talks about prevention, giving kids information about being in the kitchen, avoiding eating disorders and determining if they’re overweight; an assessment section talks about how to tell if you have a problem with food or emotional eating; and the taking action section has information about body image and teasing. Featured articles discuss how to deal with picky eaters and what to say to a friend who may have an eating disorder.

School Lunches: From Garden to Table
Children can learn to enjoy healthy foods at home and in the school cafeteria. This page on the BlueCross/BlueShield website of North Carolina discussing rethinking your kids' cafeteria food to include healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Working with local farmers, schools can offer children alternatives to the standard baby carrots, iceberg lettuce and broccoli florets that appear in many school menus. Strawberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, apples, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and cabbage are but some of the fruits and vegetables delivered directly from local farms to North Carolina school cafeterias.

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