Resources for Healthier Kids (01)

Tips on Proper Backpack Use from the Ontario Chiropractic Association
Backpacks and their daily use go hand-in-hand with back and neck pain. With children and young adults some of the most common users of backpacks, this article on provides a number of common-sense, very easy-to-use tips on the use of backpacks and how to avoid back and neck strain. You'll learn how to choose the right backpack, pack it appropriately, and even how to put it on and wear it throughout the course of a day. Readers can also find links to additional articles on proper backpack usage depending on where you live.

Childhood Obesity: What You Can do to Help Your Kids Manage Weight
With childhood obesity being such a growing problem, this site gives parents tips to create an active environment for their kids, as well as some statistics about obese children. Activity tips include making time for the family to do exercise and other activities together, planning active family trips such as hiking or skiing, starting an active neighborhood program, limit the amount of time kids watch TV, instilling interest in your kids to try a new sport, and assigning active chores to kids, such as vacuuming or washing cars. There is also a section on how to establish healthy eating patterns with kids. For parents, it is helpful to provide a role model through healthy dietary practices and nutritional snacks and lifestyle activities.

The Cause of Lactose Intolerance
Lactose intolerance is cause by a lack of lactase that helps break down milk sugars. The production of the enzyme lactase can be hindered by certain digestive diseases and injuries to the small intestine. In some cases, children can be born with the inability to produce lactase. In children, lactase deficiency develops naturally over time when after about the age of 2 years, the body begins to produce less lactase. Also most people do not experience lactose intolerance or milk allergy symptoms until they are older.

Chiropractic Care for Children: Good or Bad?
This article at was written by Samuel Homola, a retired chiropractor and the author of fifteen books, including Inside Chiropractic (Prometheus, 1999). Here, Homola cited ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘ABC’s 20/20’ as the two major media outlets that featured chiropractic treatment of children. He also mentioned two American chiropractic associations that endorse chiropractic care for kids. Nonetheless, Homola noted some contrary opinions. The retired chiropractor concluded that he is against manipulating the spine of small children, as well newborn babies. He added that manipulation of the spine of an adolescent child below 18 should be done in coordination with an orthopedist.

USDA’s MyPlate Kids’ Place
MyPlate Kids’ Place is a rich source of information about proper nutrition for kids. It gives parents, guardians, and teachers the information they need in order to raise healthy kids. The page, which is an offshoot of the USDA ChooseMyPlate website, offers links to pages where kids can play games, do activity sheets, watch videos and listen to songs, or find more information about physical activity. There is also a page dedicated to becoming a MyPlate Champion, where kids pledge to eat healthy and be physically active every single day. There is also a link for professionals and another for parents and teachers.


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