Resources for Healthy Food & Drink (01)

Eating Healthy, Eating for Fitness
When you don't just want to lose weight but pick up a healthy diet that improves your health, this is a good place to turn to. It includes sections on diet plans, fitness, healthy eating, healthy cooking and more. There are original tips and advice, as well as recipe makeovers that include holiday treats. There is a wealth of free healthy eating information here, though they encourage you to join. You can still pick up health tips and more.

Food Safety News and More
If you're eating healthy, you may want to check out this web site because of its news database, full with online resources and news on food safety issues. There is a section for students and a section for researches. You can also search for information with the search engine. The site is a project of the University of Guelph that provides research, commentary, policy evaluation and public information on food safety issues. This web site is based in Canada.

Helping Your Children Eat Healthy
With all the talk in the media about child obesity, it's important for parents to evaluate what their children are eating and make healthy eating easier for them. This web site discusses having regular family meals, serving healthy foods and snacks, being a role model by eating healthy food, avoiding battles over food and letting your children make healthy eating choices. Important is to work in protein, fruits and vegetables while limiting fat intake. The web site strongly advocates drinking milk, ingesting calcium-fortified orange juice, eating cheese and yogurt, as well as white beans.

Health Facts About Calcium
Calcium is a healthy essential, and this web site offers a fact sheet that talks about how to get food sources of calcium. It says a good food source of calcium contains a substantial amount of calcium in relation to its calorie content and contributes at least 10 percent of the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance (U.S. RDA) for calcium in a selected serving size. The U.S. RDA for calcium is 1,000 milligrams per day. The U.S. RDA given is for adults (except pregnant or lactating women) and children over four years old. Also covered is where to get calcium, from which foods, and why the body needs calcium for optimal health.

100 Ways to Use Noni Juice
Research already says there are many applications for noni juice. This book details more ways to use noni juice from the noni plant. It discusses how to get the most from every dose, how to determine your dosage, the effects of noni and how to evaluate your own progress with noni juice. It was written by Isa Navarre, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Arizona, and has been studying natural healing methods since 1978. She is a worldwide traveler, and has visited Tahiti with her family to experience and study Noni plants in their natural habitat.


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