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All About the Jukebox
Do you have a love for the jukebox? Do you remember putting your coins in the old jukebox and then dancing with your favorite partner when you were in high school. To some extent those days are gone. The old jukeboxes are disappearing from the American scene, but this site brings the old jukeboxes back to life. Starting with the Nickel-In-The-Slot machine of 1889, which relied on an Edison cylinder recording with no amplification to entertain patrons at the old Palais Royale Saloon in San Francisco to the present day you can trace the history of the jukebox on this fascinating site. The links on this site take you to some of the most extensive sites on the net concerning the history of the jukebox and jukebox manufacturers such as the Rock-Ola jukeboe company, Seeburg jukeboxes and Wurlitzer jukeboxes.

All About Poker
Poker is a fascinating game and has intrigued millions of people for more than 150 years. This site traces the history of poker from its murky beginnings as what writer Jonathan H. Green described as that cheating game to our modern day fascination with the game. Poker played on Mississippi Riverboats in the mid 1800s was much different than the game we know today. According to this site, early Mississippi gamblers played with a deck of just 20 cards, using only Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and tens. According to this site there are many theories as to the origin of the word Poker, but few doubt that modern poker derived from a game that card sharks used to hustle victims out of their money. This site follows the evolution of poker from its rather shady beginnings up to the modern day. In addition to a fascinating history of poker, this site also has links to addition articles on the rules of poker, the order of winning hands in poker, the rules of seven-card stud and the rules of Texas hold 'em. There are also articles on playing online poker.

History of Roulette
This web page from is a detailed history of the game of roulette, tracing its origins back to 17th Century France. Calling it "the oldest casino game in existence," they also describe how the game came to America in the 19th Century. There are also links to the web site as a whole, featuring roulette forums, software, online roulette games, equipment, rules, personnel, French roulette versus American roulette, tips, and links to various casinos. There are also roulette games available for download and to play online.

Poker Chip Collecting
The hobby of collecting casino chips has really taken off in the last 6 years. People have been collecting for years, but until the Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club was formed in 1988, most collectors thought they were the only ones doing so. C>CC today has over 2,500 active members and holds an annual Convention every year in Las Vegas. The Club's 8th annual Convention was held last July at the Tropicana Resort and Casino over a 4-day period. With over 100 dealer tables & collectors coming in from all over the World it was a huge success. This article discusses poker chip collecting, offers poker chip collecting tips and ideas, and referenced websites.

Jukebox Information
This website is great for jukebox enthusiasts. There are four main manufacturers of Jukeboxes that you should be aware of, AMI, Rock-ola, Seeburg and Wurlitzer. Links include questions and answers about jukeboxes, jukebox identification, title strips, stroboscope, British jukebox owners, media references, United Kingdom jukebox dealers, finding a jukebox, restoring a jukebox and jukebox parts.

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