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Summer Safety Tips for Kids on
Summer is fun for kids, as itís time for them to enjoy the beach with the family. But as a parent, this series of safety tips at can help you make sure your kids are safe. This includes how to choose and use sunscreen, how to prevent injuries on sports and other outdoor activities, and how to avoid them from heat illnesses, animal and inseWe ct bites. There are also travel safety tips, including how to choose the right child safety car seat and rules on how kids can be safe while you are driving, and many more.

Keeping Kids Safe Online by
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reminds all the kids to be safe online, whether at home or in school, and offers an FBI program for schools. First, never give out their address, telephone number and other personal information on chat rooms or bulletin boards. Second, never reply to anyone who has sent you inappropriate message or photos. Third, never meet someone or visit them on your own without asking approval from your parents. Next, donít believe if someone online tells you that he or she is an old as you. You never know, that person could an older man who simply wants to victimize you. The FBI reminds us that one in seven children have experienced unwanted sexual solicitations online.

Online Safety Rules for Kids on
Internet can be very dangerous for kids. To make sure that they are safe, here are ten online safety rules that you should implement as a parent. First, your child should never give out personal information such as my address and telephone number without your permission. Second, your child should immediately tell you once they see something that makes him uncomfortable. Third, your child should never agree to meet anyone in person after he only met him online. Fourth, your child should not post photos of himself or anyone online unless you approve them. The six remaining rules are on this article at

Baby Safety Tips on
Your baby is very fragile and sensitive, which is why you should know how keep them safe all the time. At home, make sure that you keep away all sharp objects and hazardous items from your baby's reach. Cover electrical outlets when not in use, install safety gates, and safety locks on cabinets as well. Also, never leave your baby alone on a bed or hold hot liquids while holding your baby. While driving, never put your baby in the front passenger seat. For more safety tips for kids, check this page at

Internet Safety Tips for Parents on
Kids today are fond of using the Internet. But as parents, it's your responsibility to make sure they are safe online. In this article by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), you will learn how you can protect yourself and your children from identity theft and other forms of fraud. This includes reminding your child not to give personal information or photos to anyone or post them online without your approval, and to never agree to meet face-to-face to someone whom they only knew from social media. As an adult, you should avoid paying through check or money order when participating in an online auction. In addition, you should memorize your passwords instead of writing them in a piece of paper.


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