Child Safety Resources (03)

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The Child Saving Institute
For 120 years, Child Saving Institute (CSI) has provided a safe haven and healing for children who are the victims of family crisis, neglect and abuse. CSI believe that childhood matters, that every child should have a right to a safe, happy childhood. They provide innovative and comprehensive child safety and child prevention programs and services: therapy, early childhood education, emergency shelter, foster care, adoption, pregnancy counseling and parenting classes. They address child abuse, volunteering, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and maltreatment, kids educational games, bullies, books, teen information. The site provides information on how you can help in fund raising and volunteering, such as through on-site program opportunities like helping in emergency shelters, early childhood education center, and general educational support, or in mentoring children, teens or young adults. The Center can also use administrative volunteers,

Internet Safety for Children
The Internet is an increasingly important place to work, play and learn for both adults and children. At the same time, we are concerned about the risks we face online. The challenge is to stay "one-click" ahead of would-be pornographers, hackers, child-predators and those who would misuse your and your child's sensitive information. The NetSmartZ Workshop on Basic Internet Safety by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children can help. Site provides information for keeping kids safe online, including Internet safety products, the risks children face online, identify online trouble and get help from law enforcement officials. Also includes information about spyware, stopping unwanted e-mail and spam, protecting your computer from hackers and viruses and keeping your personal information private on the Internet.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Children
This article on AllLaw discusses how the law protects children who are injured in an accident and who is liable when a minor causes an accident. The rules about making an accident claim are different than for adults because the child is too young to enter into a contract. Although laws vary by state, tenerally a child has a right to compensation for pain and suffering, permanent injury or disability, in the same way and for the same amounts as an adult. Also, legal liability fo accidents caused by minors is based on the same notion of care and carelessness as accidents caused by adults. However, the law applies different standards to different age groups.

Government Food Safety Information
A great deal of information and links to external web sites that offer information about kids safety, safety lessons, food safety for babysitters, county fairs, food detectives, food safety for packing summer camp lunches, back to school food safety, steps to fight bacteria, food safety for children crossword puzzle and word scramble, field investigations, vibrio vulnificus health education kit, health safety curriculum and guides for teaching food safety to children, food safety coloring books and more resources for kids and teachers.

Kids and Guns
Common Sense about Kids and Guns is a public education organization dedicated to providing all adults with the necessary information to empower them to protect their children. The site includes facts and statistics, as well as a news blog of incidents in which people were fired or shot at. A fact file as well as state data, free gun locks, firearm safety kits, a bulletin board and a parent quiz are included. Gun safety tips include unloading guns and locking them up, locking and storing ammunition separately, hiding keys from children, ask if guns are safety stored at places your children visit or play, talk to your children about guns and teaching young children not to touch guns and to tell an adult if they find one. Talking with your neighbors about gun safety and safety gun storage resources is also discussed.


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