Child Safety Resources (02)

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Child Safety in the Air
Traveling by air with children has its own special challenges and hazards. The following links provide information and advice on a number of child safety issues as well as child travel information provided by some airlines. Topics include: Tips for children traveling alone, safety tips for traveling with children, general cabin safety tips, restraining toddlers in flight, lavatory adventures, child travel rules, and child safety resources. There is additional information, such as an FAA brochure on the safe use of child seats and the FAA regulation concerning child seat use, as well as a child travel health article from the Centers for Disease Control.

Injury and Violence Prevention and Control from the CDC
Injury is the #1 killer of children, and car accidents claim more young lives than any other cause of death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Find out what the risk factors for this type of tragedy are and take steps to prevent an accident from happening to your child. Information about CDC studies and programs designed to lower the number of accident claims being made is also provided. There's a lot more than information on car accidents on this site. It addresses violence prevention from child maltreatment, sexual violence, suicide, and youth violence. There's also information on home and recreational safety, concerning drowning, falls, fires, poisoning, fireworks and playground injuries.

Child Safety Recalls
Find out what products have been recalled with this up to date database of recall notices. Also includes a section on child safety book reviews, and health news. Safety tips are also noted. There is a section of articles about unintentional poisoning, pool hazards, baby safety, water safety tips and more. Sections on parenting, newborns, preschoolers, K-12 students and more child safety forums are included.

National Injury and Violence Prevention Resource Center
Home of the Children's Safety Network (CSN), this site's features include a searchable database of all CSN publications and easy online ordering; recent library acquisitions; and updated injury and violence prevention news. Topics include a wealth of resources about residential safety, traffic safety, child abuse prevention, suicide prevention, training and professional development, highway safety, childhood injury control, health care, domestic violence, child neglect, recreational child safety, funding for child safety and bullying.

Safety Belt Safe
Safety Belt Safe USA is the national non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety. This website includes sections about boosters, laws and regulations regarding child seat belt safety, recalls, and resources. Reference materials include manufacturer contacts, a glossary, a 5-stop seatbelt test, booster kit and videos, child safety seat belt brochures and posters, resources and more. The "best" safety seat is the one that fits your child, fits your car, and fits your family's needs in terms of comfort and convenience, so that you'll use it on every single ride. Questions include escape-proof seating, installation, airplanes and safety seats, latches, locking clips, newborn child safety, seating position, tether, and information about the best safety seat for your child.


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