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Apps to Help You Plan Your Garden is a great resource for all things gardening in the US and the UK. Run by UK-based company Growing Interactive, the website features innovative gardening applications that can be run on PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Mac and PC users can get help in designing their gardens thru the Vegetable Garden Planner app, while iPhone and iPad users can download the Garden Plan Pro from the Apple App Store. These apps not only help gardeners in laying out their garden plans; they also give information about when to plant, give expert garden advice, provide planting reminders, and offer high-quality customer support.

Hydroponic Growing Tips
The Help Center on this website covers growing tips including nutrient deficiencies, gardening problems. It discusses old fashioned, organic versus modern and hydroponic gardening. Information about carbon max and the nutrient absorption process is included, noting that carbon can be directly taken in through a plant's roots. Plants get more from fertilizer using Carbon Max, according to the article, which contains more growing tips for hydroponic gardeners.

Gardening Articles by Diane Linsley
Flowers bring color to the world, which is why many people want to grow them. But growing flowering plants is more than just putting seeds in a pot of soil, watering them and then waiting for them to sprout. Growing and keeping a flower garden can be a big challenge for the uninitiated. Fortunately, one can find a wealth of information in this resource, which provides links to articles by Diane Linsey. Article topics include seed sowing, the purpose of flowering plants, ideas for designing a flower garden, plants that are grown for special conditions, and gardening advice. One will surely have n easier time starting a garden with this resource.

George Pattensons Hydroponics Questions and Answers
Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants, without soil, by providing food and water directly to the roots of the plant. By doing so, we eliminate the need for the root system to expand looking for food and water, so the energy normally used by the plant to search for food is used for faster upward growth and fruit production. Because there aren't competing root systems, you can grow significantly more plants using hydroponics in a given area than those grown in soil. In addition, you can recirculate the water and nutrients, so hydroponic gardening ends up using a fraction of the water, with no fertilizer run-off. This website includes questions such as: what are the different types of hydroponic systems and what is a hydroponic medium.

Gardening Tips, Design Ideas and Planting Techniques
This wonderful resource covers it all. From this guide, you'll learn how to garden like a pro, because all the information and ideas come from experts. There are how-tos and tutorials for every garden task and tips for gardening in every season. Learn about the Garden Design Awards and how you can enter. The site also features a link to pronouncing botanical Latin, a great tool for any serious gardener. There is continuously grow body of articles,e.g., five quick tips for super summer gardens, the fifties art icon—pink flamingos—, and how to grow luscious melons organically.

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