Resources for Better Gardening (01)

Garden Advice
Garden Advice was created to support others' gardening endeavors. Their staff has over 180 years combined gardening experience and if you become a member of this site, they are all available to you free of charge by email, telephone or mail. Here are some of the things that come with the free membership: free priority advice by email, free video gardening calendar email, free CD-Rom and quarterly magazine, special offers for members only. Register today and start getting your gardening tips and growing your knowledge. Garden Advice also offers a lot of how-tos and sample garden projects. Take some time to browse the entire site and you'll find almost anything you are looking for.

Plant Lighting Forum
Ask your own gardening grow light questions here, and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Topics include finding LED lights, reflector set ups, bulbs, grow light positioning, buying grow lights, indoor seedlings, light sockets, basic lighting questions, growing herbs under grow lights, fluorescent lights, beginning with grow lights and more. Valuable for gardeners of all types and levels.

Hydroponics for Kindergarteners
At the Kindergarten of The British Schools, in Uruguay, there is a continuing interest in finding new ways to improve the educational system. This article discusses how a kindergarten class experimented with a traditional garden plot with little results, due to several factors - limited space; mud prevented the children from keeping clean; the large number of children participating in the activities has not allowed the direct handling of tools; watering has been too complex for them to carry out ;and last, the crop has not been worth it, taking into account the big effort made by the group.

Consider Water Fountains and Arbors for Your Outdoor Hardscaping
Keith Davitt's book, Hardscaping: How to Use Structures, Pathways, Patios & Ornaments in Your Garden, shows you how to take your garden to the next level by moving beyond simply planting a few flowers and shrubs to incorporating some other objects in your outdoor space. Discover how to add interest to your garden by adding a bird bath, a water fountain, or an arbor to your existing design. The result will be a balanced, harmonious space that you will be pleased to have your friends and relatives coming over to spend time in.

The Internet's Garden Community
The site features the Garden Web Forums, which is known as the largest community of gardeners on the Internet. A HortiPlex Plant Database houses plant images and data as well as links to other information sources. You stumble across a calendar of garden events and a glossary of botanical terms. If you are a new gardener, check out Sabrina's Gardening Tips.


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