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Compilation of Bathroom Cleaning Tips
This page at is a compilation of articles about bathrooms and how to clean them. Each article is written for a specific topic regarding bathroom cleaning. Among the topics included are removing hard stains such as chemicals and mold, treating a clogged drain, and cleaning light fixtures. One article talks about the different types of bathroom cleaners and tips on how to choose the right one. There are also dedicated posts about cleaning bathroom cabinets, and how to protect shower glass doors from damage while cleaning them. Another article gives tips on how to remove rust from a bathroom faucet.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Here you'll find ideas for bathroom design, from bathroom cabinets to bathroom sinks and everything in-between. Topics include bathroom cabinets, sinks, bathroom showers and bathtubs, toilets, bathroom lighting, and bathroom remodeling tips. Tips include getting rid of bathroom mildew, fixing a dripping toilet, increasing water pressure, and fixing loose or broken ceramic tiles. Also includes message boards, articles from industry professionals and FAQs that should help steer you to the right plan of action.

13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas
A simple pictorial slideshow with tips on how to improve and redecorate your bathroom by creating warmth and atmosphere with the right lighting. You could invest in a dimmer switch so you can change the settings to the right effect for your mood. Venetian blinds give you another batch of "settings." Some of the concepts presented are: recessed ceiling lighting behind the mirror lighting; an elegant wall sconce lighting up the side of a mirror; a mirror lit by traditional styled wall lights; for modern lighting, under-mirror light with ceiling cove lighting and recessed lights above the bathtub and wall lights that create patterns on the wall. For Hollywood lighting, lights around the mirror are the best of the style, though not the most practical.

Bathroom How-To Instructions and Home Improvement Articles from Today's Homeowner
Today's Homweowner with Danny Lipford offers expert advice on improving your home. But this is not just the website for promoting the TV and radio shows. Check out the Home Improvement link in the top header area and you'll find pages with a gazillion how-to and home improvement videos for completing a wide variety of home projects, and there's a separate section pertaining to the bathroom. For example, topics include how to caulk around a tube, how to stop a constantly running toilet, how to update the look of the tub or shower with a Danco trim kit, how to remove and replace damaged bathroom surround tile, and example of an inexpensive bathroom update, a family bathroom remodeling project, how to repair and paint plastic coasted melamine cabinets, replacing a bathroom vent fan, how to apply caulking in hard to reach places, a small bathroom upgrade project, and much more. There are also many interesting products showcased, such as a pinocchio inspired faucet , and upholstered chair toilet, and a LED nighlight toilet seat.

Bathroom Decorating Styles
A wealth of photographs on's Designers' Portfolio section for bathrooms provide ideas for every kind of bathroom-decorating style. Hundreds of bathrooms are provided and they can be searched by color (there's a little chart of color squares you can click on) as well as by style: contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic, Asian, cottage, romantic, tropical, Mediterranean, Old World, Tuscan, and much more. Decorating 50s and 60s style as well as other bathroom decoration tips and personality bathroom decorating are also included in this bathroom décor article database. Each today has Today's Featured Bathrooms. There are also feature articles, on inspiration design ideas and bathroom makeovers.

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