Child Safety Resources

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Comprehensive List of Tips on How to Keep Your Children Safe Inside Your Home
If you are looking for articles about child safety at home, this comprehensive list at can help you. Among the topics included are babysitting, buying safe toys and baby walkers, how to choose the right pet, and many more. There are also recommendations on what to check in every part of the house that are potentially dangerous. There is an article that contains the list of supplies you should prepare in case there is a disaster. One article serves as a first-aid guide, while another one talks about shaken baby syndrome.

Toy Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers
As the holiday season approaches, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges gift-givers to keep safety in mind when choosing toys for young children. In 1998, CPSC received reports of 14 toy-related deaths and estimates that more than 120,000 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. The article discusses child safety with toys, especially because the holiday season is approaching. By always reading labels and being safety conscious, parents and caregivers can help prevent toy-related injuries. CPSC has the most stringent toy-safety standards in the world, and toys on store shelves are safer because of the day-to-day compliance work by CPSC.

Training Dogs and Kids to Be Safe Together
A common trouble faced with pet dogs and children, as uncanny as the comparison might sound, is that the two are not always on their best behavior. The website Clickertraining offers a set of handy tools to have child and dog interactions unveil on friendly and safe grounds. They even offer an elaborate collection of videos and a library that has everything from picking up on your pet dogs' behavioral cues to how to cope with sibling rivalry between pets. Dog owners can also search through a database of available trainers in and around their locality to be assisted with dog obedience training, home-training, grooming, and others.

Food Safety on Kids World
This colorful and attractive website called Kids World is produced by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. One of the major sections is Kids World - Food Safety. The entire site is oriented for children, and the food safety likewise has fun games, features and quizzes concerning food safety. There's a feature called Can you serve up a safe Barbecue? that creates a scenario of serving a barbecue meal for kids in which they have to answer a quiz of nine questions to teach them about food safety. There's also a page of Food Safety Facts that provide and reinforces the same nine essential lessons of the quiz. There's also a coloring book, and another quiz to test a kids knowledge of food safety, and then some links to other information on the Web on food safety—these links are for adults, not children.

Keep Kids Safer for Life
If you are not familiar with I'm Safe!, then you might be interested in knowing that all of our injury prevention materials are reviewed and recommended by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Also, just about everything we do can be made available in different languages and can be personalized to support your specific programs and objectives. The site offers videos and resources about car safety and car seats, water safety, bike safety, pet safety, baby safety, shopping safety, safety in sports and recreation, protecting children from bullying, and pedestrian and summer safety. The site also includes alerts and recalls, as well as important dates on the calendar. There are links to free stuff, as well.


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