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Toy Safety Tips for Holiday Shoppers
As the holiday season approaches, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges gift-givers to keep safety in mind when choosing toys for young children. In 1998, CPSC received reports of 14 toy-related deaths and estimates that more than 120,000 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for toy-related injuries. The article discusses child safety with toys, especially because the holiday season is approaching. By always reading labels and being safety conscious, parents and caregivers can help prevent toy-related injuries. CPSC has the most stringent toy-safety standards in the world, and toys on store shelves are safer because of the day-to-day compliance work by CPSC.

Spa and Pool Safety for Children
A wealth of spa and pool safety tips for children. Pools and spas are attractive to children, and children must be kept away from them in the absence of adequate supervision. A fence, wall or natural/artificial barrier should completely enclose your pool or spa. All gates or doors with access to the pool or spa should have a spring lock, self-closing and self-latching mechanism that protects against unauthorized entry and use. (The inside latch should be above the reach of toddlers or young children.) Do not place objects (e.g., chairs or tables) near the pool or spa fence that would allow a youngster to climb over. Tree limbs and low overhanging roofs should be removed or made inaccessible. A clear view of the pool or spa from the house should be assured by removing vegetation and other obstacles. Trespassers or unexpected swimmers can be discovered by an occasional glance at the pool or spa area.

Protect your home with an alarm from

Food Safety on Kids World
This colorful and attractive website called Kids World is produced by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services. One of the major sections is Kids World - Food Safety. The entire site is oriented for children, and the food safety likewise has fun games, features and quizzes concerning food safety. There's a featured called Can you serve up a safe Barbecue? that creates a scenario of serving a barbecue meal for kids in which they have to answer a quiz of nine questions to teach them about food safety. There's also a page of Food Safety Facts that provide and reinforces the same nine essential lessons of the quiz. There's also a coloring book, and another quiz to test a kids knowledge of food safety, and then some links to other information on the Web on food safety—these links are for adults, not children.

Natural Head Lice Removal
Head lice can be killed and removed naturally, according to Los Angeles-based My Hair Helpers Head Lice Removal Service. An enzyme-based mousse is recommended on their website. It breaks down the glue that the adult louse uses to glue the nits to the hair shaft. With a "spiral toothed" comb,the nits and lice are easier to comb out. Harsh chemicals aren't needed to kill lice. The treatment must be done in four to five days later to make sure no lice nits have remained and hatched in the hair. These products have a great success rate when used properly. Many parents have used OTC products such as "Rid" or "Nix" only to find that these products don't work. Over time, lice have become immune to these products that were originally created to kill them.

Choose Giant Bean Bags and Large Bean Bag Chairs for Autistic Kids
Bringing giant bean bags and bean bag chairs into your home can help children with autism. Check out this article to get tips or choosing one that the child will like, whether he or she sits on it or uses the object for weight lifting. A third option for autistic kids is to use two large bean bag chairs at once. One is to sit on, and the second one is placed across the child's chest to create a sense of calm.

Keep Kids Safer for Life
If you are not familiar with I'm Safe! than you might be interested in knowing that all of our injury prevention materials are reviewed and recommended by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign. Also, just about everything we do can be made available in different languages and can be personalized to support your specific programs and objectives. The site offers videos and resources about car safety and car seats, water safety, bike safety, pet safety, baby safety, shopping safety, safety in sports and recreation, protecting children from bullying, and pedestrian and summer safety. The site also includes alerts and recalls, as well as important dates on the calendar. There are links to free stuff, as well.


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